The Invisalign brand has taken the orthodontic world by storm and has become a household name in the past few years. The company creates removable clear aligners that apply pressure to the teeth to shift them over time. These clear aligners, also known as trays, offer patients with mild orthodontic needs a more discreet and esthetically pleasing option than traditional metal braces. 

Coppe & Sears is proud to be a Platinum Invisalign provider. Invisalign allows us to help get you the results you want with minimal disruption to your lifestyle. 

Dr. Sears and Dr. Donovan, our two experienced orthodontists, have created the following list of their top tips on how to get the best results from your Invisalign program. Let’s take a look!

Wear Your Trays!

One of the most favored benefits of Invisalign clear aligners is their removability. But while the trays create seemingly magical results, the trays aren’t actually magic and cannot work from a distance! You’ve got to wear your trays! They need to be worn for twenty to twenty-two hours a day. Because they cannot straighten your teeth if you don’t wear them appropriately, this treatment option requires some self-discipline from the patient. 

The adjustment period when first starting treatment may feel strange at first, but the more you wear them, the faster you get used to them. Luckily, Invisalign is very easy to wear and the adjustment period is very short.

Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene!

Even though they cover your teeth for most of the day, Invisalign trays do not protect your teeth from bacteria, plaque, or germs. That means you must still maintain your oral hygiene when using Invisalign. Brushing, flossing, and water pick usage are as important as ever! A thorough, consistent routine reduces your possibilities of tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. Complications can cause permanent or long-lasting visible harm to your teeth. For your smile to turn out the way you had imagined at the beginning of treatment, don’t slack on your oral hygiene routine before, during, or after treatment!

If you have questions about how to improve your regimen, ask your orthodontist or dental healthcare provider. 

Clean Your Trays!

For trays to safely and effectively do their job, they need to be clean! Did you know clear aligners can host the same bacteria and germs that your teeth and gums can? That means that even if you diligently perform your oral hygiene, your mouth is still unclean if you don’t clean your trays!

Luckily, cleaning them is super easy and only takes a few minutes!

First, you need to run them under clean cold or lukewarm water. Extreme temperatures can warp the material, so check before submerging the trays! Next, apply toothpaste and gently scrub with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Finally, rinse with water and they are good to go. You should do this routine twice per day, when you brush your teeth.

Before using any cleaning solution on your Invisalign trays, ask your orthodontist if it is safe to use on your aligners. Many products can be too harsh and harm them. 

Put Your Trays In Their Cases!

Invisalign trays should be removed for oral hygiene, tray cleaning, and eating and drinking. When you are not wearing them, the trays should be in their protective carrying case! The case protects them from physical damage caused by being stepped on, compressed in a bag or pocket, or chewed up by pets, among other accidents.

The case also makes the aligners harder to lose! Trays are removed from the mouth at various locations for eating, drinking, and cleaning. For example, you might remove your trays at a hotel to brush your teeth or at a restaurant to eat dinner. A restaurant and hotel are just two locations where your aligners can be accidentally left behind! The case takes up more visual real estate than the thin, transparent material of the trays, so they are much easier to keep up with.

The case safeguards the aligners from germs and visible residue, meaning if they are misplaced or taken out, they will (hopefully) still be in stellar condition when it’s time for use again!

Remember: Always put your aligners in their case when they’re not being worn! 

Attend Your Appointments!

You will have appointments with us at Coppe & Sears so we can monitor your progress. We will also order new trays for you when it is time and make any adjustments to your treatment program if necessary.

You should still have regular cleanings with your trusted dentist while you are an orthodontic patient. At these appointments, your teeth will be X-rayed and professionally cleaned, and your dentist will look for any signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and more. They will set up a treatment plan if necessary.

You must attend these sessions even if you feel like everything is fine because they are crucial to your health and Invisalign journey.  

Follow The Schedule!

With Invisalign, you will be sent home with a series of trays. Each tray should be worn as directed, usually for a week or two, before advancing to the next ones in the set.

Trying to speed up your care by switching trays early or skipping a tray altogether might seem tempting, but this will only slow it down. Wearing the wrong tray for too long can cause unnecessary pain and alter the movement path of the teeth. Essentially, you could—painfully—unintentionally send your teeth in the wrong direction! Invisalign’s personalized approach and advanced technology allow treatment to finish in as little as six months! However, not following your orthodontist’s instructions can prolong treatment time and injure your smile.

If you have any questions regarding your care, please get in touch with your orthodontic healthcare provider. Do not modify your treatment without orthodontist approval!

How To Get The Most Out Of Invisalign TreatmentCoppe & Sears Is Here to Erase Your Invisalign Fears!

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