At the office of Michael R. Coppe, Carolyn Coppe, and Chad Sears, we try our best to be environmentally friendly!


Here a just a few ways we’ve created a “green” office atmosphere:

One way we have gone green is by eliminating all of our paper charts and by using an electronic medical history. Patients or their parents will be asked to fill out a medical history form at each periodic dental checkup. The forms are located on the link at the bottom of the homepage of our website on a tab called "Patient Forms."

We use digital radiographs to take pictures of our patients' teeth. Digital radiographs eliminate the usage of strong developing chemicals that can have an impact on the environment when they eventually need to be discarded. Not only are digital radiographs more friendly to the environment, but they are also much safer than traditional X-rays by reducing radiation exposure by 90%!

We are a mercury-free office. We use white composite resins to fill teeth instead of old-fashioned mercury-containing amalgams. Composite resins are silica quartz filled polymers. They come in a variety of white shades to match almost any tooth color. Composites adhere to a tooth by chemically bonding to its structure. The adhesiveness of composites, in conjunction with their superior esthetics, are their most advantageous features, and they are very strong and durable as well.