Orthodontic treatment is a great way to get a straight smile, but brackets and wires are only some of the tools used for aligning teeth. From flossing to protecting soft tissues, there is a wide range of modern solutions to be found in each orthodontic toolkit. Try out these orthodontic products that can help during treatment to make the orthodontic experience that much better at Coppe & Sears.

#1: iTero Digital Scanner

Gone are the days of messy, goopy impressions – say hello to the seamless digital impressions of the modern age! With an easier system than traditional impressions, iTero speeds up the impression process, allowing patients to start braces or Invisalign sooner. The digital scanner also improves the accuracy of impressions, and because there is no physical mold, the scanner virtually eliminates the need for additional molds in the future. 

At the first consultation with Dr. Sears or Dr. Donovan, the Coppe & Sears team uses the iTero system to take a complete 3D picture of each smile. This picture makes it possible to map out entire treatment plans from start to finish, so patients know the exact steps it will take to get their straight smiles. 

#2: Floss Threaders

Making sure the teeth stay clean and healthy with brackets and wires crisscrossing the mouth can be difficult. Using floss threaders can help improve patients’ ability to floss around the wires to ensure their smiles stay white, bright, and hygienic. 

These tools allow patients to thread floss like a needle between the teeth and around the brackets. Getting these hard-to-reach spots helps remove leftover food particles, which prevents the sugar buildup that attracts cavities.

#3: Waterpik Water Flosser

Just like floss threaders, the Waterpik works like a charm to get rid of unwanted food particles, bad bacteria, and plaque buildup. Instead of using traditional floss to clean between the teeth, however, the Waterpik uses a stream of concentrated water to loosen up particles on and between the teeth. 

The Waterpik works for anyone, whether they have braces or not, but for those who have bulky brackets and wires, it is an especially good tool. With so much extra surface space, braces can act as a catch-all for food and plaque, leaving an after-lunch smile looking a little dirty. By using the Waterpik, patients can “floss” between meals to remove excess buildup and improve the look of their smiles. 

#4: Orthodontic Wax

Brackets can be uncomfortable for many patients. With their square edges, orthodontic appliances can dig into the soft tissue in the mouth, especially when patients are newer to treatment. That is why one of the best tools in your orthodontic toolkit is orthodontic wax.

Orthodontic wax works like a putty to round out those harsher bracket edges and make braces feel more comfortable in general. Wax can also cover poking wires, providing relief from irritation along the gum line or cheeks. 

#5: Rubber Bands

Rubber bands or orthodontic elastics help the Coppe & Sears team to realign the teeth and define the bite pattern. By increasing the force applied to specific sections of the appliance, rubber bands address problems caused by overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites. 

Rubber bands come in all shapes and sizes and can be worn in many different ways. Patients will receive the appropriate elastics from their orthodontist, along with instructions on how and when to wear them. It is important to remember to wear these elastics as instructed by Dr. Sears or Dr. Donovan to get the best results possible. 

#6: Topical Fluoride

Keeping the teeth clean with braces is much easier when patients use Phos-Flur, a topical fluoride supplement. Fluoride is an excellent tool for building strong enamel that might have been exposed to harmful acids during the treatment process. Patients who use this treatment should brush their teeth before applying it to their teeth around bedtime, wait to eat or drink for 30 minutes after application, and then leave it on their teeth for as long as possible. Straight smiles thank patients for extra fluoride treatments!

#7: Denture Cleaner

For patients with clear aligners rather than braces, denture cleaner is one of the best tools for cleaning these removable appliances. Because toothpaste cannot be used on clear aligner trays, they need to be soaked once daily to be fully sanitized. 

Using a denture cleaner like Polident or Efferdent will rid the appliance of plaque buildup and bad bacteria, leaving the trays tasting and smelling better than without the soak. 

Orthodontic Products That Can Help During TreatmentCoppe & Sears: Creating Beautiful Smiles

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